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Vinyl Tablecloth – Used On Tables for Many Reasons

Assuming you’re in need of a new cover for your table, it’s a good thing that you’ve considered the idea of going with a vinyl tablecloth. Not only are they effective, but they come at a really low cost. Unlike other things that tend to be sold for smaller sums of money, they don’t even look bad, adding to their appeal some more.


Here’s what two typical ones may look like. Not as tacky as you may have expected, right?

Vinyl Tablecloth exampleVinyl Tablecloth example 2
Any kind of this covering is always going to becomprised of synthetic plastic, since that’s what vinyl happens to be. There are also some kinds that have flannel lining for some extra snugness and traction.

Different Styles to Seek Out

No matter what your tastes may be, there are all kinds of vinyl tablecloths that you’ll be able to find. If you’re the “Plain Jane” type, there are many solid colors out there, in addition to clear ones. If you like a little more personality, then you’ll be glad to know that there are ones with plaid patterns, polka dots, and even themes.

Whether you want something holiday themed for Christmas, something with your favorite sports team’s logo, or one with your native flag, there are a ton out there so you’ll have no problem finding one.

Keeping Things Clean

Perhaps the biggest reason that people choose to go with this material is the fact that they’re exceptional when it comes to keeping your table clean and damage-free.

One of the biggest risks faced by any household with young children is the potential that someone might end up staining your tabletop with food or a liquid spill. Since you’re essentially getting a thick protective layer to blanket your table with, you won’t have to worry about this anymore. This makes it different from paper, lace, and other forms.

Ideal for Dining Outside

Many people like to use this accessory outside. If they have a patio table, vinyl tablecloths are perfect when it comes to outdoor use. Whether it’s a barbecue, a casual meal, or a bigger party, you’ll enjoy great protection from weather and wind.

Some manufacturers make fitted tablecloths in vinyl for this purpose. That way, no matter where you are, you won’t have to worry about having your cover or table ruined due to inclement weather. You may even be able to leave yours outside if you decide to go with a waterproof one. Speaking of which, they even have specialty models out there that come with a hole in the middle for the purpose of an umbrella that can complement your outdoor dining table. These are really popular in the restaurant world.

Other Considerations

As for shape, there’s really a lot out there that you’ll find in stores. Whether your table is a standard shape or a less conventional one, the bendable nature of vinyl makes it easy to conform to the dimensions of any table. There are also specialty ones made particularly for the material used in your table, whether that be hardwood, glass, or anything else.

When it comes down to it, there are so many things that you can use these for. It’s not just limited to dining, as weird as that may sound. For example, you could place it atop a highchair for a baby sitting at your table, which makes it easy to give him or her a “mini cloth” or sorts. Another possible use of one is a curtain, a car seat cover, or even a bowling ball cleaner.

Check this out – you can even use it as a reusable lunch bag!

This site is dedicated to the discussion and analysis of some of the many vinyl table cover options you’ll find on the market. No matter what your needs are, you’ll quickly figure out what possibilities exist, and which may be best for your dining table.


Tablecloths for Weddings – Make the Occasion Special

A wedding is a special moment in anyone’s life and most people will want the day to be an occasion to remember. This applies to the reception as much as the ceremony and getting the look right can help with this. A crucial item can be tablecloths for weddings and these can help set up a room with a perfect style to make a reception a memorable event.


Tablecloths for a wedding can also be known as wedding linen and are basically used to give the tables used for the reception an attractive coordinated look. While the reception tables are where they are most commonly used, they can also have other purposes. There can be a variety of other tables that are needed for a wedding. This can include a cake table, gift table and guest book table, to name some of the common options. It can be sensible to use similar wedding linen on these as the reception tables to create a coordinated style. However, this is not an absolute requirement. Having slightly different looks for each of the different tables is another option and this can easily be done using wedding tablecloths.


Most people will want the tables at their big day to look classy and stylish and this is generally best achieved with fabric wedding tablecloths. Linen is a common choice, hence the name, although other natural materials, such as cotton, are also an option. It can also be an option to go for more decorative and colorful materials, with some of the common options including taffeta,velvet, lace and silk, to name just a few.


The style for wedding tablecloths runs from plain to decorative, providing a range of looks to choose from. One of the simplest options is a basic white table cover and when used on its own, this produces a clean, attractive appearance. It also produces a simple look that doesn’t detract from the centerpieces and this can make it a good choice. It is also possible to have a plain whitetablecloth as an underlay for more decorative overlay pieces on top. This can include a second smaller tablecloth of colorful taffeta, silk or some other material. Alternatively a table runner can be used to add a splash of color over a white tablecloth. For those that prefer a more intricate and colorful style, some of the common wedding tablecloth options include damasks, brocades andfloral designs. These can bring a bright colorful style to a reception room.

If you’re the type of person who could benefit from a little guidance and inspiration, this quick but useful clip can definitely set you off in the right direction…


Wedding tablecloths can typically be coordinated with a range of accessories. This can create a stylish and attractive finish, with some of the common accessories including napkins and chair covers. When looking for the tablecloths for a wedding, it can be sensible to consider the accessories at the same time as most of the companies that produce wedding linen will also produce matching accessories.


For those that want to keep mementos of their wedding day, buying tablecloths can be the best option. There are plenty of companies that offer wedding tablecloths for sale, with the internet a good place to look these days. Some of the options available include Wedding Linens DirectTable Cloths Factory and BBJ Linen. However, there are plenty of other national and local companies offering wedding linen for sale and it should not be an overly difficult task to find one.


For those that don’t want to go to the expense of buying wedding linen there is a more convenient option. Many wedding caterers and companies offer wedding tablecloths and accessories for rent. This means they can be used for the day to create a stylish look and then returned after the event. It can be a simpler option as the linen generally does not need to be washed after the wedding and can be returned to the company for them to launder. This can make the clean up after the event easier to do and is therefore an option to consider. Some of the companies that offer this type of service include Wedding Linens and Beyond Elegance, although checking a local directory will typically show the companies that offer tablecloth rental in an area.

The style of a wedding can help create the right atmosphere to make it a special day. Tablecloths for weddings can help with this and make the reception room look spectacular. There are plenty of options available, from plain to decorative to make the reception and other tables at a wedding a beautiful sight.

Plastic Round Tablecloths – Vinyl and Acrylic Covers

Circular tables come in a variety of sizes, with smaller models making excellent side and occasional tables, while larger sizes can work as a dining table. Whichever size and style a homeowner chooses, it can be sensible to provide the table with a cover. One of the best options available for this is plastic round tablecloths and the benefits they offer can make them a good choice.


Plastic tablecloths in a round style can be produced using a few different materials. One of the most common options on the market is vinyl and this has the advantage of being durable, easy to clean and easy to care for. Another option is polyester and this has more of a feel of a fabric than plastic and many people prefer it for this reason. Plastic tablecloths these days can also be formed from a combination of fabric and plastic. Acrylic coated tablecloths are an example of this. These have the stylish look of a fabric tablecloth, with the clear acrylic coating making them more durable and easy to care for. The plastic coating also means that the tablecloth is less likely to get permanently stained by spills.


Round plastic tablecloths are available in a couple of main styles. Loose fitting plastic tablecloths are produced in a variety of diameters and are designed to basically sit on the table surface with a portion of the cover hanging over the edge. For this style it is best to choose a diameter that is slightly larger than the table it is intended for. The larger the tablecloth size in comparison to the table, the more material that will hang over the edge and a homeowner needs to choose the size depending on their preference for how much material they want hanging down. The second style of plastic round table cover is a fitted tablecloth. This style has an elasticized hem which fits the tablecloth to the exact size of the table, without any material hanging down. This can produce a neater looking appearance and because the tablecloth is secured tightly to the table, there is less chance that it will slip or move when being used.


Plastic tablecloths for circular tables are produced in a few styles. This includes clear plastic covers and these can be a good choice for those that want the beauty of their table to remain on view even with a tablecloth in place. This style can also be used over a more formal fabric tablecloth. The advantage of this is that the beauty of the fabric tablecloth shows through, while the plastic tablecloth provides it with some protection from accidental damage or food and drink spills. It is also possible to get colored and patterned plastic tablecloths and these come in a huge variety of styles. This means that no matter the décor of the room in which a round table sits, it should be possible to get a plastic tablecloth to match.


Circular plastic tablecloths come in all sizes to suit the different styles of tables in a home. Smaller diameters are more suited to side and occasional tables, while larger sizes will be more appropriate for dining room tables. Pre-manufactured tablecloths are available, although there are companies that will produce custom size circular table covers in plastic material for those that want a tablecloth that more accurately fits the size of their table. Companies that offer this service include Table Cloth Designs and Table Pads Direct.

Circular tables are a common option for the home and they provide a decorative look. There are a few table cover options for them, although plastic round tablecloths can be a good choice. They come in a wide variety of styles and are a practical option that is easy to clean and maintain. Anyone with a circular table should therefore consider them when looking into the tablecloths for their home.

Paper Tablecloths – Your Disposable Option

There are a variety of options when it comes to the materials for table covers and those interested in buying them have to pick the best option that suits their needs. One of the simplest and most affordable is paper tablecloths. These offer a range of benefits that can make them a good choice.


Tablecloths made of paper are typically designed to be a convenient alternative to more formal table wear. They are generally disposable and can be used once and then discarded. While paper may not appear to be the best material for a tablecloth, it is generally manufactured to be fairly durable and will easily withstand the requirements of a single use. Cheaper options will tend to be less durable, although these days it is possible to get linen-like paper table covers. These are typically produced using heavier paper and have the look and feel of linen without the cost. These may last for more than one use, although are essentially still a disposable paper table cover.


There are plenty of benefits that can make a paper cover a good option to consider. Some of these include the following.

Convenience: Paper table covers are a convenient style that can easily be brought out for those that don’t want to go to the trouble of getting out their best table linen all the time. Keeping a few in a drawer is easily done and there are plenty of occasions where they can be a more sensible choice compared to fabric table wear.

Easier Clean Up: Paper covers offer an easier clean up than other styles. At the end of a meal or event they can simply be lifted from the table and discarded. This reduces the time involved in cleaning up, with no laundering required. Most people will appreciate the ease of this.

Affordability: A paper tablecloth is one of the more affordable options on the market and this can obviously be a good reason to opt for the style. Prices can start at less than one dollar for the cheapest options, although prices will rise for the heavier duty styles, such as linen-look paper covers.


The most common use that paper table covers are put to is for party tables. This is especially the case for parties where the tablecloths are likely to get soiled. Examples of this include children’s birthday parties and buffets. However, paper table covers are not only for parties and can easily be applied to everyday use. For those looking to provide some simple protection for their table when having a meal with family or friends, a paper tablecloth can be a good choice. A paper table cover can also be an excellent choice for an outdoor meal, to provide a hygienic cover on the ground or on a picnic table.


Tablecloths produced from paper come in a huge variety of styles, meaning that most people should be able to find one that suits their needs. This starts with plain white tablecloths and runs through to a huge selection of bright colors. It is also possible to get patterned styles ranging from a checkerboard look to floral and other prints. Paper table wear is also commonly produced for special occasions and holidays, with the design produced to match the occasion. A stylish touch that is added to many paper table covers is embossing. This creates in-relief or raised patterns on the paper and this can be letters or pictures. It has the effect of providing the table cover with a classier, high-quality look and is something worth looking for when buying paper table wear.

Where to Find Them  

Because they are commonly used as party decorations, party planning stores are one of the best places to look for paper table covers. This includes stores such as Party City, which has in-store and online operations. Card stores can also be a place to look as many of these offer simple party decorations. Some of the big box stores, such as Target and Sam’s Club, will also offer paper table wear for sale and these are another good place to look. There are also a number of companies that operate through the internet and an option for this is My Paper Shop.

Options for Buying

Generally paper table wear can be purchased in one of two main options. This first is where the tablecloths are already cut to size and these generally come folded up. This can leave wrinkles in the paper that can detract from the look, although it is possible to remove these. Simply place a cloth towel over the paper cover and use a hot iron to remove the wrinkles. For those that want to avoid having to do this, paper table wear is also sold in rolls. This has the advantage that it is generally wrinkle free and also allows the user to cut tablecloths to the size required. This can make them a better fit for a table.

While many people like to have formal table linen for special occasions, it can still be a good idea to have paper tablecloths available. They are a convenient option that can provide an attractive look for tables and there are many occasions where they can be the best choice of table wear. For this reason most people should consider having a few in their home so that they are available as and when needed to provide tables with a little protection and a stylish look.

Outdoor Tablecloths – Patios, Porches, and Gardens

Tables can be used in a variety of settings around a home and this can include outdoor locations. This means that it is not unusual to see tables in gardens or patios and porches. These will benefit from the use of a tablecloth as much as an indoor table and possibly more so. Outdoor tablecloths can provide a little protection for a table and this can make them a useful fixture.


A tablecloth used in an outdoor location is obviously going to be exposed to more extreme conditions that one used on an indoor table. While they may not be left on a table permanently, the likelihood is that they will have to cope with the worst that the weather can throw at them at some point or other. They therefore need to be manufactured to cope with this and anyone considering using a cover on an outdoor table should choose one that is specifically designed for the purpose. This typically means that it should be weatherproof so that it can cope with extreme conditions and also waterproof so that being left out in rain does not cause it any permanent damage.

Special Features 

Outdoor tables can be specifically adapted for the purpose and tablecloths designed for use on them need to take this into account. For example, many tables designed for outdoor use will have a hole in the center in which the pole of a large umbrella sits, with the umbrella used to provide the table with some shade. An outdoor tablecloth for this also needs to have a hole in the center to accommodate the umbrella pole. In many cases, this style of outdoor table cover will have a zip on it so that the tablecloth can be put in place and zipped around the pole without the need to remove the umbrella.


There are obvious benefits to using outdoor table covers. They can protect the table from the worst of the weather, such as direct sunlight and rain, which can have a damaging impact. This can help keep the table in better condition and extend its useful life. The tablecloths can also add a little style to an outdoor table and can brighten up the look. Many people like to extend the décor from the interior of their home to the outdoor spaces these days. A tablecloth can help with this and match the interior and exterior décor to provide a coordinating look.

Check out the waterproofing abilities of this tablecloth:


The materials used for outdoor table covers are more commonly synthetic fibers. This can include polyester, acrylic fabric and vinyl. There are also a number of manufacturers that produce materials specifically designed for outdoor use, with the intention of many of these being that they can be left outdoors permanently. A well known example of this is Sunbrella fabric and tablecloths produced using this come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

There are a variety of outside locations around a property where a table can be a useful fixture and it can be a good choice for those that enjoy alfresco dining. Providing an outside table with a cover can be a sensible move and there are many outdoor tablecloths to choose from. These offer protection and style to keep a table in good condition and looking smart.

Fitted Vinyl Tablecloths – Keep Your Table Snug

Most homes are typically set out with a number of tables and these can range in size from smaller side tables to larger dining tables. Using tablecloths on these can provide the table surface with some protection, as well as enhancing its appearance. While there are a variety of styles to choose from, an attractive option is fitted vinyl tablecloths and these can also be a practical choice.

Basics of Fitted Tablecloths 

A fitted tablecloth is so named because it has an elasticized edge that allows the tablecloth to be fitted snugly to a table. Rather than sitting loosely on the surface in the manner of a standard tablecloth the elasticized edge of a fitted table cover enables it to be stretched over the table, with the elastic holding the tablecloth securely in place. Because it is stretched tightly over the table, this helps to keep the tablecloth smooth and wrinkle free and this is both practical and attractive. A fitted tablecloth also has no extra material hanging over the side of the table and this can create a neater finished appearance.


The major advantage of a fitted tablecloth is that it remains securely in place and there is much less chance of it slipping or being accidentally tugged, which can be a problem with a standard loose-fitting tablecloth. This can reduce the likelihood of food or drink spills and this can make it a good choice. It can be especially useful for homes which have children, since it removes the opportunity for them to pull the tablecloth and cause a spill or accident. Choosing vinyl for a tablecloth can also be a smart move, because it is a durable material that should last a reasonable period of time. Vinyl is also simple to clean and any spills that do occur are easy to remove and should not cause any permanent stains or marking of the tablecloth.


Fitted tablecloths made of vinyl can come in a variety of styles. This can include a plain or patterned appearance, much like any standard tablecloth. However, because they fit tightly around the table surface, elasticized tablecloths can be used to change the appearance of a table. Many come with a marble, granite or wood look and placing these over a table can give the impression that the table is made from the material. This is a simple and cost effective way to change the style of a table to provide it with a more decorative look.

Shapes and Sizes

Fitted vinyl table covers are typically produced in a variety of shapes to accommodate the different styles of table. Common options include round, oval, square and rectangular fitted tablecloth shapes and these are produced in a range of sizes. Because they can stretch, a single fitted tablecloth can be used on a few different sizes of table. However, before buying it is best to check the sizes a particular tablecloth is designed for to ensure that it will properly fit a table.


An elasticized vinyl tablecloth can be used indoors and out. Vinyl is a waterproof material and this means it will work just as well on a patio or garden table as it will on a kitchen or dining room table. In many cases a fitted vinyl table cover can be designed specifically for outdoor use. Some are produced with a hole in the center so that they can be used on a patio umbrella table. Others are designed for use on a picnic table, with the tablecloth supplied with fitted covers for the benches.

While there are plenty of options for consumers to choose from, fitted vinyl tablecloths can be a good choice for a home. They can be practical and stylish and anyone thinking of buying a tablecloth should consider their merits as they may find it suits their needs perfectly.

Lace Table Runners Add Simple Elegance

While a bare table can be a decorative feature in a room, there are options for adding to its looks. Tablecloths are one option, although they can cover up the beauty of the table. An alternative is a table runner, with lace table runners being a common option for this style.

Basics of Table Runners  

Table runners are basically thinner strips of material that are designed to cover the middle section of a table, as opposed to covering the entire table. The advantage of this is that much of the table remains on view rather than being covered up and it allows the beauty of the table itself to show. While they are intended as decorative pieces, table runners also have a practical use in that they provide a cover onto which plates, cups and other items can be placed so that there is less chance of the table surface being stained or marked.

How to Use

Table runners can be used in a variety of ways. They are normally run lengthways along a larger dining table, although can also be placed across the width of the table. In many cases two can be used to provide the appearance of a cross on a table and this can provide a decorative finish. While a runner will only cover the center portion of a larger dining table, they can be used as a cover on smaller fixtures, such as coffee tables. In this case the runner acts more as a tablecloth and can cover the entire table. Options for using a lace runner include placing it over the bare table. The runner can be used on its own or matched with some table mats. It is also possible to use a lace runner on top of a plain tablecloth to add a decorative touch.

Want to sew your own? You can do that too, as seen here.

Advantages of Lace Runners

Lace has been used in the manufacture of table covers for many years. The advantages include that it is an extremely attractive material that can add a beautiful finishing touch to the look of a table. The worry of using a full lace tablecloth is that it will be marked or suffer damage due to a spill. A lace runner brings the attractive look of the material to a table while alleviating some of the worries of it being damaged. Plates and cups can be placed on separate mats rather than on the runner itself and this reduces the risk of the material being damaged.

Care of a Lace Runner

Lace is a relatively delicate material and therefore it needs to be cared for properly to keep it in good condition. This generally means hand washing in cool water, rather than machine washing. It is then best to place the runner in a clean towel to help rid it of excess water. Lace tends to be at its must vulnerable when wet and the weight of the water can damage the material if it is immediately hung up. Once the lace has had much of the water removed, it can then be hung up to complete the drying process.

Plastic Lace Runner

Those that want the look of a lace runner without the care requirements should consider using plastic lace. This material has the appearance of lace, although the plastic is more durable and much easier to care for. It can therefore be a more convenient option.

Dressing up a table can add to its appearance and lace table runners can be a great choice for this. They are decorative pieces which have a practical use and the look they create can help provide a room with an attractive style.

Oilcloth Fabric: Used for Tablecloths, Placemats, Cushion Covers, More

Materials used in a kitchen generally need to be durable and relatively stain resistant to cope with the rigors put on them. This is as true for fabric materials as it is for any other and over the years a few have been produced to serve this purpose. One of these is oilcloth fabric and this can be used for a variety of purposes in a kitchen.


Oilcloth gets its name from the fact that the original material used was oil impregnated canvas, with the oil helping to make the fabric waterproof. As its use progressed the style became linen cloth coated with linseed oil, which again gave the fabric a waterproof nature. While it fell out of use for a time, in the modern era it has made a comeback and a number of manufacturers now produce it. The modern equivalent tends to be a cotton material with a vinyl coating making it waterproof.


An oilcloth tablecloth

There are a variety of uses for oilcloth and while the kitchen is the most likely place to find products made from the material, it can be found in other areas of the home. One of the most common products made from oilcloth is tablecloths, and in the kitchen it can also be used as shelf coverings to provide them with a little protection. Other uses of the material range from coverings for the seat of a chair to place mats and cushion covers. Because of its waterproof nature, oilcloth tablecloths and coverings can be a good choice for outdoor locations such as patios and porches. A tablecloth or mats of the material can also be a good

Oilcloth placemats

choice for inclusion in a picnic hamper.


Oilcloth these days is produced in a huge variety of styles, colors and patterns. It can have an extremely bright and vibrant appearance, although can also be found in more muted tones. In many cases the fabric is produced in a style reminiscent of its origins and it can therefore be a good choice for those that want to bring a vintage or country style appearance to a kitchen.

Caring for Oilcloth

Caring for oilcloth is generally fairly simple. The material is produced to be relatively stain resistant and the vinyl covering means that food and drink spills can simply be wiped from the surface with a damp cloth. It can be sensible to wash by hand as this is less harsh on the material and can keep it in better condition. Creases should generally work themselves out, although it is possible to iron oilcloth. When doing this, keep the iron on a low setting and always place a piece of fabric over it rather than ironing directly onto the oilcloth as this can damage the vinyl coating. Because it is fabric based, oil cloth can be sewn and this allows damage to be repaired.

Oilcloth fabric can be a good choice for kitchen products. It is a durable material that can cope with the rigors of kitchen life without suffering too many ill effects. Its attractive appearance can also improve the look of a room and for these advantages it can be a good choice to consider for the home.

Did you also know that you can make your own? If you have some spare time on your hands or just love the thrill of producing your own crafts, use this tutorial to show you the way.


Plastic Table Covers and The Different Styles

Many people have kitchen or dining room tables in their home and these can be expensive fixtures to purchase. Providing the table with a little protection against damage and spills can therefore be a sensible move and a simple tablecloth can do this. There are a few styles to choose from, with plastic table covers being a style that many people choose.


Hanging style

There are a few options when it comes to plastic covers for tables. One of the most common is a plastic only. This   is generally made from vinyl or PVC, although other types of plastics can also be used. They can come in a few different thicknesses, which can affect durability, and reading the manufacturers details is generally the best option to find the type and thickness of material used. For those that prefer the look of a fabric cover, but want the ease of use of plastic, there are also plastic covers with a fabric lining.

When it comes to the style of plastic tablecloths there are a couple of main options. The first is a loose cover and this simply sits on the table and hangs


over the edge (see righthand images for both styles). The second is an elasticized plastic cover. This is also commonly know as a fitted tablecloth and has an elastic edging. This allows the cover to be stretched over the table, with the elastic edging holding it securely in place. Using this style means there is less chance the tablecloth will slip or move.

As well as covers for the surface of the table, there are also plastic covers that will protect the legs of a table from damage. This can simply be done by choosing a cover of a size that allows it to hang to the floor when placed on the table. However, there are also plastic covers known as table skirts which are specifically designed to hide the legs of a table and provide them with a little protection

Size and Shape

Plastic roll

No matter the size of a table, it should be possible to find a plastic cover that will fit. They generally come in a variety of sizes from small to large and are also produced in a few shapes to suit different table styles. This typically includes round, oval, square and rectangular covers. It is also possible to buy plastic cover rolls. This is simply a roll of plastic material designed for use as a table cover. The plastic can easily be trimmed by scissors, enabling someone to cut the exact size they need for their table.


Plastic can come in a variety of looks when it comes to tablecloths. Clear plastic is an option for those that want their table covered, without hiding the beauty of the fixture and this can be especially useful for decorative wooden tables. Clear plastic covers can also be placed over a fabric cover, to provide it with a little protection while keeping it on show. Plastic itself can be finished in a variety of attractive colors and patterns and with a little shopping around consumers can find plastic covers in a huge variety of finishes. These days it is also possible to get plastic lace table covers. Lace is a beautiful material and can produce an attractive look, although the material can be delicate and easily damaged. Plastic lace provides the decorative look, without the worry of damaging the material.


There are a number of benefits that can make plastic covers for tables a sensible purchase. Some of these include the following.

Stain Resistant: Unlike fabric covers, which can allow stains to soak in, plastic covers are stain resistant. This ensures that food and drink spills will not affect the look of the table cover and should not leave a permanent mark.

Easily Cleaned: Plastic tablecloths are very easy to clean and a wet cloth wiped over a cover should quickly remove most spills. Most covers these days are machine washable, meaning it is simple to run them through a washing machine after use. No dry cleaning is required, as may be needed for fabric tablecloths.

No Ironing Required: After cleaning, a plastic table cover can simply be dried, folded and stored. No ironing is required to keep it looking neat and this cuts down of the work required to keep it in good condition.

Affordable: Plastic tablecloths are generally one of the more affordable options on the market and they should easily be within the budget of most people.

Long Lasting: Plastic is a durable and hard wearing material. This means that a tablecloth made from it should remain in good condition for many years.

Outdoor Use

For outdoor use

While plastic tablecloths are generally designed for use on a table, they can easily be used for other purposes. For those that enjoy picnics and outdoor meals, a plastic cover can be an excellent fixture to take. It has the benefit of being waterproof and therefore can be placed on the ground even if it is damp without any ill effect. While it can be used to set out the food and drink, it can also be used to sit on for those enjoying the meal.

Where to Buy

Plastic covers for tables can be found for sale in a variety of locations. This ranges from party stores to home furnishing retailers and big box stores. There are common items and can also easily be found for sale on the internet for those that prefer to do their shopping online. Examples of stores that stock them include Party City, Target and the online store My Paper Shop. However, these are only a few of the many where plastic covers can be found for sale and most consumers should be able to easily source them.

Using a tablecloth can provide a table with some protection, as well as enhancing its appearance. While there are a variety of styles, choosing plastic table covers can be a sensible move. For the many benefits that they offer, they are an option that anyone should consider for the tables that they own.

Disposable Tablecloths – A Great Cheap Option For Your Table

Table covers can be a useful fixture to have available and can provide a table with a little protection to keep it in better condition. While permanent tablecloths are commonly used, they are not the only option of the market. For those that want a simple cover for a one-time event, disposable tablecloths are an option to consider.

Styles Available  

The most common option for disposable covers is a paper tablecloth. These are typically manufactured from heavier duty material such as Kraft paper to ensure they can stand up to the rigors of being used on a table. They are not particularly designed to resist damage such as spills, however, and will most commonly be used once and then discarded. It is also possible to find disposable plastic tablecloths on the market. These can be cleaned for re-use and  can last for more than one use, although will generally need to be discarded after a few uses. In both cases the tablecloths can come in a variety of designs. This ranges from plain to patterned, and in many cases the design will reflect the occasion. This can include patterns designed for special occasions, such as Christmas, birthday parties and Thanksgiving.


Disposable table covers have a variety of benefits that can make them worth considering. They are affordable, with prices for some starting at not much more than one dollar. This means that there is much less worry about the tablecloth being damaged as the intention is generally to discard it at the end of an occasion. They can also help reduce the clean up time required as they can simply be wrapped up straight from the table and discarded after use.

When to Use

There are a variety of occasions where the use of disposable table covers can be a smart choice, with some of these including the following.

Parties: Getting out the best table linen at a party is probably not the wisest move and these are prime occasions where disposable covers can be sensible. While this is true of any party, it can be especially so for a kids occasion. They can be used to help dress up a room in an attractive manner and then simply thrown away at the end, without having to worry about the mess that the kids will make.

Picnics: It can be sensible to have a tablecloth for a meal outside, although the fact that it will be laid out on the ground can mean it gets dirty. A disposable tablecloth is a simple idea for this. Plastic can be the better option as it is waterproof, although on drier occasions paper will work just as well.

Camping Trips: Camping is another pastime where having disposable table covers can be helpful. They can be used on the ground or on picnic tables and can make things a little more hygienic.

Commercial Operations: There are plenty of commercial operations that can opt for disposable table covers for their work. This includes companies such as caterers and convention centers.The tablecloths can provide a stylish look and are a convenient option, which can make the work the companies carry out easier.

Purchasing Options

Disposable covers are typically available for purchase in a few styles. They can be cut to size already and supplied in folded or flat packed boxes. It is also possible to get them supplied in rolls and the user then cuts the material to size as required to suit a table.

Disposable tablecloths can be an affordable option for those that do not want to go to the expense of buying a permanent table cover. They can be useful for a variety of occasions and their convenience can make them a sensible option to consider for anyone that needs tablecloths.

Banquet Tablecloths – What to Use For Your Event

Table covers can come in a variety of styles and consumers will obviously need to find the one that best suits their needs. Styles that are more commonly used in commercial settings include banquet tablecloths and there are a variety of companies and organizations that can make use of these.


A banquet tablecloth most commonly comes in a rectangular shape and is used to cover larger banqueting or buffet tables. It is also possible to find them in a round shape, although this tends to be less common. The style generally has the tablecloth covering the surface of the table and can be of a size that hangs to the floor hiding the entire table, although can also be shorter. The longer style is more suitable for buffet tables, while the shorter style can be more convenient if people are to sit at the table.


52 x 120 dimensions

The size of a banquet table cover will obviously depend on the tables it is intended for, although they are generally larger than standard tablecloths. A common size is 52 inches wide by 120 inches long, although they can be larger or smaller than this as required.


The style of banqueting tablecloths tends to be fairly plain and they are generally manufactured in a single color with no pattern. They come in a few different colors, with some of the common options including white, black, dark blue and burgundy. This gives the style of the room they are used in an attractive, uniform look. It is possible to get them with a more decorative finish. This tends to be less common and is more usually aimed at special occasions, with the design matching the occasion.


The materials used for banquet table covers tend to be heavier duty and more stain resistant than standard tablecloths, such that they can cope better with the rigors of constant use. For upscale venues they tend to be fabric, rather than plastic, as this can give a more high-class feel to a setting. One of the most common fabrics used is linen, with other materials used including damask and even satin for those trying to create a luxurious appearance. However, it is also possible to get banquet table covers in plastic and these tend to be more affordable and convenient to use.

Where to Use

There are a variety of locations and occasions where banquet table covers are a suitable choice. This tends to be at larger gatherings with some of the common places they are used including the following.

Restaurants: Premises that offer bookings for larger groups may have a room set out specifically for this. Tables in this will tend to be larger to accommodate the number of people and banquet table covers are the ideal choice for these.

Conventions: Larger conventions and trade shows may have tables set out for the use of attendees or for display purposes. Banquet tablecloths that cover the entire table can provide a simple look for this.

Weddings: The reception of a wedding will commonly have to cater to larger numbers of people. Whether hiring a place, setting up marquees or choosing another option, the use of banquet table covers can provide a simple and attractive look. This is also true for occasions such as anniversaries and other large gatherings.

Where to Buy

Because they are most commonly used in a commercial setting the best place to look for banqueting table covers tends to be a restaurant supply retailer. These will generally have them in a variety of sizes and colors and will generally sell at wholesale prices on the basis that many customers will be making larger orders. The internet can also be a good place to find the style, with online suppliers also generally offering the tablecloths in a few different sizes and styles. While most suppliers will offer their tablecloths pre-made in a few different sizes, there are those that offer a custom service. This can produce tablecloths that better fit the size of a table, although will typically be more expensive.

Tablecloths can enhance the look of a room and this is especially so in a commercial setting where there will be more tables on display. Using banquet tablecloths can help create a simple, attractive style and this can make them an excellent choice for many organizations and occasions.